CEO Message


As Termodizayn, we started off in 1987…

Our goal is to transfer our skills in quality, functionality, practicability and design to the dynamic refrigerating systems and ice machine markets. We know that the way to best serve our customers is to come up with the best designs for them.

Termodizayn, constantly renovating itself by investing in technology in order to serve better to its customers, immediately shows its difference from others with its ability to produce machines that can work in high performance in tropical climatic conditions and its extraordinary productions.

Termodizayn is constantly renovating itself in topics of effective performance management, powerful communication, and corporation responsibility; and strives to become an intuitive, sensitive, practical, respectful, and fair company that can build long-term relationships with its customers. On this path, we again receive the biggest guidance from our customers. Action plans developed as a result from feedbacks that we receive from company visits and from global activities that we arranged help us to focus on quality requested by our end users.

For me and for Termodizayn family, it is proud to be a part of Termodizayn; our source of inspiration is the content customers that buy our products. Unconditional customer satisfaction is changeless principle of Termodizayn. Believing that the best advertisement there is, is the customer references and the path to customer satisfaction is through to quality, our Company is maintaining production without sacrificing customer satisfaction for years. TERMODIZAYN is aiming to be at your side for many years to come.

Soon, the heart of the “refrigerator system” of the world will pound with us, let us to give you the experience of our product quality; it will be a privilege for you, our customer, to have a TERMODIZAYN product.

All of my workmates in our team and I are ready to share our services with you; I invite all of the World individuals that not only wants to shop or commercial opportunities, that wants to feel our difference to join with us and to become one of the lucky customers of Termodizayn.

Best regards,

Güray Ürkmez