We attended the Seafood Expo 2017 fair held in Brussels

28 April 2017

We attended the Seafood Expo 2017 fair held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium between 25-27 April 2017.

In Hall 8. Where our Booth was, we had the opportunity to display our machines, as well as present our product videos on the big screen projection.

In addition to the units in our standard,such as Ice machine at the Expo, cold storage units, shock units, we also introduced the newest product, the concrete water cooling system, and aimed to make an effective contribution to the country's production in active work and cooperation.

We had the opportunity to meet Costumers from all over the world visiting the aquatic products industry's leading people. It was observed that visitors were highly influenced by our products, especially our mobile shock systems was our most interesting products.

We plan to go back again as a participant in this festival.