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Industrial Type Cold Depots

There are four main elements for a good cold storage that the world literature have agreed in common. Insulation, volume that is sufficient for the needs, a storage that is proper to the product that wants to be stored and a proper cooling system. The essential element for these is carrying out the right insulation, but it has been agreed that the most suitable material for insulation are the panels that are filled with polyurethane. To date, many materials have been used for insulation in the last 10 years is no longer the most suitable material is polyurethane panels is concluded. The cost of energy is very high in our country, if the insulation is not done correctly in a cold storage depot, the desired efficiency and the desired conditions can never been achieved even if the best devices are used and the operating cost increases.

TERMODIZAYN considering this point, is offering its cooling system to your use together with the right insulation and panels which can provide the cooling system that are being developed especially for the cold storage depot.

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