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Mobile Butcher And Fisheries Stores

The mobile shops which can operate under the conditions of of four-seasons and which are presented ready to use are being manufactured in different models according to the needs of the customers. Fully-equipped shops which are key-ready are waiting for you all, for fishermen, for chicken vendors, for butchers, for fruit and vegetable vendors, ice-cream parlors, delicacatessen shops and mini-grocery stores.

You can carry and transport Termoizayn mobile shops wherever you want to or you can rent them. Electricity and water connection is sufficient. It does not require installation. It is presented ready to use.

It is easy to carry and transport them. It has been designed in dimensions to fit into the international containers. All the accessories inside have been fitted with the maximum quality equipments and there is everything what the user needs. It contains all accessories, everything from scales to a set of knives,from cold store to the shelves.

Termodizayn mobile shops are in compliance with the hygiene standarts and it provides an indispensable and offers a pleasant shopping for your customers.

All Models

containerized butcher
Power Comsumption
3,5 Kw.
220V - 50Hz
Model Name Type Power Comsumption Price
MOBILE SHOP 20 Containerized 3,5 Kw. Please Login